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Last updated: 08:45 GMT, 9 February 2021

England's deputy chief medical officer says it is too soon to start planning summer holidays as it would be a 'guessing game' at this stage because the relevant data is not yet available. Professor Van Tam told today's No 10 news briefing that any easing of lockdown restrictions would have to take place 'gradually' and that the more elaborate people make their holiday plans, the more likely it is they will have to be cancelled because they are more likely to involve breaking rules by crossing borders or mixing households - restrictions which could still be in place this summer. He said the 'key is through vaccination' so that the illness will be manageable in the community. It comes as Department of Health figures show another 333 Covid victims were recorded today, a drop of 18 per cent on the 406 last Monday. Another 14,104 infections were also added to the official tally. The daily figure has dropped by a quarter week-on-week, with today's number lower than at any time since December 8.?

Pharmacist tells of the trials and triumphs on the vaccine front line

The vaccine roll-out has been one of the biggest logistical challenges of our lifetime, involving a legion of NHS staff and volunteers (including, it was revealed yesterday, the actor Hugh Bonneville, pictured bottom left). Here, a pharmacist who's helping in a hub in London reveals in fascinating detail what it's like on the vaccination front line (speaking anonymously for patient confidentiality) - while one of the Covid vaccine trial volunteers, Josh Miller, 35, a research paramedic, tells his uplifting story. Pictured: A vaccine being administered at Bath Racecourse, Somerset (bottom right); People queue for vaccines in Brighton, East Sussex (top); Boxes of the AstraZeneca/Oxford Covid-19 vaccine at Derby Arena (inset).?

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Bella showcases her runway body in TINY bikini?
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The Government is set to announce plans for all travellers arriving in the UK to undergo two coronavirus tests while they quarantine in hotels or self-isolate at home.

NEW The teething troubles came after Mr Hancock urged all over-70s in England who haven't yet had a Covid vaccine to book their own online via the NHS website.

The former England rugby star, 42, who is married to the Queen's granddaughter Zara, has a firm to manage his speaking engagements, which have dried up during the pandemic.

Motown legend Mary Wilson of The Supremes dies aged 76 at home in Las Vegas

Legendary Motown singer Mary Wilson has died aged 76, her publicist has confirmed. The star, an integral member of soul pioneers The Supremes, died suddenly at her home in Las Vegas . A cause of death is yet to be announced. Along with band-mate Diana Ross, Wilson was at the forefront of the Motown sound after signing with the label in 1961, originally as a member of The Primettes before the group changed their name.

An iPhone feature that lets you screenshot an entire Safari web page at once has been shared on TikTok.

Mixing diet drinks with alcohol will make you more drunk and the alkaline diet is a waste of time, one of Australia's leading?science commentators Dr Karl has revealed.

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN:?Johnson once boasted his political hero was the mayor from Jaws

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Britain may be on course to vaccinate 15 million of the most vulnerable people ahead of schedule. But that doesn't mean we can expect a return to something approaching normal life any time soon.Ministers and their advisers have been quick to crush any sense of euphoria which may briefly have been experienced by those of us lucky enough to receive our first jabs. Even after we've all had our second dose there is no immediate prospect of regaining the freedoms we once took for granted.

The man, who was in his 70s, reportedly collapsed as he left Manhattan's Jacob Javits Convention Center just 25 minutes after receiving his shot on Friday. He died in a local hospital on Saturday.

Sky News presenter Kay Burley volunteers at a food hub

Sky News presenter Kay Burley, who fell from grace after breaching Covid rules to celebrate her 60th birthday last year, has been spotted handing out food (left and top right) at London's Community Kitchen (queues outside the community kitchen, bottom right) in Brent, north west London. Footage shared by the food hub's organisers, showed Miss Burley giving out bags filled with essential items such as bread and eggs to those dealing with poverty. Miss Burley has been volunteering at the kitchen's operations in Harrow and Wembley for the past seven or eight weeks. It comes after the journalist was taken off-air in December for six months after an internal review carried out by Sky into her birthday celebrations (Miss Burley with reporter Beth Rigby at her birthday, inset) found that 'Covid guidelines were breached'.

Ministers are considering to ask if passengers have booked into a quarantine hotel in the UK. But it is unclear whether carriers will be expected to bar travellers who answer no.

Researchers gave half of a group of 60 coronavirus patient one injection of the drug and the other half a placebo. Patients given the drug were four times more likely to have undetectable loads within one week.

A total of 21.6million people in England and Wales have signed up to the service, the equivalent of 60 per cent of the adult population. But No10 has refused to say how many are active users.

Fifty shades of outrage? British heiress' lover goes on trial claiming death was from

Anna Reed (pictured) had expensive tastes. She could afford them. She was from a very privileged background, after all; her family owned a renowned racehorse stud farm in Yorkshire. 'Still need a Louis Vuitton suitcase, a Mulberry handbag, a Burberry trench coat, a pair of Louboutins, a Chopard watch and much, much more,' she once tweeted from a shopping expedition to Munich. It was typical Anna. On her last trip, travelling around the globe - a 21st birthday gift from her millionaire father before the world went into lockdown - she continued in the style to which she was accustomed. Pictured left and inset: Anna's boyfriend Marc Schatzle.

Storm Darcy is set to bring SIX more inches of snow today amid -7C chill

Six more inches of snow has been forecast for parts of the UK today as Storm Darcy left a foot snow lying on the ground at Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, with temperatures dropping as low as -8C yesterday. A yellow weather (inset) warning is in place for most of eastern England and Scotland, with some schools opting for a snow day instead of remote learning. Other parts of the UK, including Leicester, have woken up to a blanket of snow this morning (pictured) as London (left, Bermondsey) awoke to freezing temperatures.

Environment Secretary George Eustice warned yesterday that the Government could drop its 'pragmatic and sensible' approach unless Brussels backs down in a row over shellfish exports.

Black History Month: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle surprise class

Harry, 36, and Meghan, 39, joined a free poetry class organized by US-based group Get Lit Poetry, which works with young people across the country. The organization hosted a free poetry class on Saturday in honor of Black History Month which was attended by writers aged 13 to 19. Harry and Meghan joined the online class, much to the surprise of its members - who were left open-mouthed with shock at seeing the couple pop up on their screens. According to the Get Lit Instagram account, the couple were 'magic and kind and interested in poetry', and Meghan even 'shared some of her favorite lines'. The news comes just after it was revealed that the former Suits star has 'some very serious and lucrative book deals on the table'.

EDWARD LUCAS: Chinese spies have been looting British universities for years. That is one scandal. The other - even more outrageous - is that we are only now waking up to it.

Grandfather who dropped his toddler granddaughter to her death on cruise ship avoids jail

Salvatore Anello, right, of Valparaiso, Indiana, pleaded guilty in the case in October. His defense attorney said Anello would serve probation in his home state. Anello was aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruises′ Freedom of the Seas ship with family in July 2019 when he dropped?18-month-old Chloe Wiegand, left, to her death. He has said he did not know the window, top inset, in the children′s play area was open. The girl′s parents, bottom inset, sued Royal Caribbean in a civil case that is still ongoing.

Samira Ahmed is the favourite to replace John Humphrys as the new host of Mastermind. She would be the first female presenter in the show's history.

Neil Basu raised the issue at the last National Policing Board meeting chaired by Priti Patel, who stood against legalising positive discrimination to ensure more ethnic minority police recruits.

Do you think THIS week is freezing? It's nothing compared to age when snow pulled down

Staring fearfully into the night sky, the residents of 16th-century Bristol watched as what seemed to be a sinister omen flashed across the heavens. One observer likened it to 'beams as red as fire coming out . . . of a furnace'. We now know this to have been the Northern Lights, which are sometimes visible as far south as Cornwall. The world was suffering the effects of volcanic eruptions in the Americas which pushed dust and gases high into the atmosphere, blocking out the sun and resulting in a long period of severe cooling. Since named the Grindelwald Fluctuation, after a Swiss glacier that expanded to provide one of the clearest signs of a chillier climate, this scourge of the Elizabethan and Stuart eras spanned seven decades between 1560 and 1630.

Eight million people in the UK take statins every day, one of the most widely prescribed drugs. But could inhaling them rather than taking them in pill form prevent common side-effects?

LAURA PERRINS: While medics refuse to be bowed by Covid, teaching unions make outrageous

LAURA PERRINS: There's an old saying in politics: never let a good crisis go to waste. That is certainly the approach adopted by the National Education Union - Britain's biggest teaching union. With breath-taking cynicism and self-serving ruthlessness, the union is using the Covid-19 pandemic to hammer the Government over cheap political points - at terrible cost to the nation's children.

Scientists at Porton Down have been analysing data collected by smart watches, such as heart rate and movement, with hopes of using the technology to catch Covid before people feel ill.

The number of people in hospital with Covid-19 in the UK is coming down, too, with 29,326 people on wards at the last count - a drop of almost 10,000 from January's peak of 39,220.

Mail Force has shattered the £10million barrier with a stunning pledge of 6,500 laptops. The mammoth total has been reached only 16 days after the launch of the Computers for Kids crusade.

More than 100 people including 12 Australian Defence Force members have been identified as close contacts of the female employee they worked with at the Holiday Inn at Melbourne Airport.

The top US infectious diseases expert compared efforts to eradicate Covid-19 to measles which, despite having a 98 per cent effective vaccine, still has not disappeared due to falling jabs uptake.

Abbey Clancy, Emily Atack and Billie Piper throw their support behind Red Nose Day 2021

A whole host of A-list stars have swapped red carpets for red noses to support the world-renowned charity event Red Nose Day this year. Abbey Clancy, 35, (center) Emily Atack, 31, (left) and Billie Piper, 38, (right) are all among the clan of celebs to don the charity clothing collection. In a series of images by esteemed photographer Matt Holyoak that were released today, the blonde bombshells pose in the Pixar themed clothing line by TKMaxx. Some of the big names joining the campaign included Hollywood actress Olivia Colman, 47, as well as Island presenter Laura Whitmore, 35, and former Girl's?Aloud member Kimberley Walsh, 39. Red Nose Day returns next month for an evening of television that will be broadcast live on BBC One on March 19.

Witnesses described police firing warning shots into the sky before aiming at protesters with rubber bullets, with some people injured in the melee in the capital Naypyitaw.

From the way they look at you to fiddling with their hair, British body language expert Judi James has spoken exclusively to FEMAIL about signs that suggest your partner might be preparing to call it quits.

Oxford Uni's Wykeham chair is renamed Tencent-Wykeham after a China firm 'with links to

The University's Wykeham chair of physics will now be known as Tencent-Wykeham chair in honour of the Chinese computing conglomerate which has offered a £700,000 donation in return. CIA sources have claimed Tencent, the company behind the controversial WeChat app (inset), received money and support from the Ministry of State Security, China's main intelligence agency, when it was first founded. The company denies it received intelligence funding, saying its finances were 'transparent'. Ling Ge (pictured left and, right, with physicist Brian Cox), Tencent's Chief European Representative, has a PhD in quantum computing research from Oxford and has declined to comment on why Tencent is sponsoring the Wykeham chair.

Stress can alter the body's ability to develop an immune response to vaccines, suggests recent research, So, as the Covid jab is rolled out, there may be an even greater imperative to tackle it.

Escaped guard dog mauls girls aged two and three in street attack as it 'drags one around in its mouth like a rag doll'?

The two girls were brutally attacked by the escaped guard dog in Birmingham today with police called to the scene just after 12.30pm. The two girls were both injured during the attack which saw one dragged around in the dog's mouth 'like a rag doll'. It is understood that a guard dog escaped from nearby business premises before attacking the two girls. They are not thought to be in a life threatening condition. The three-year-old had hand and leg injuries after being bitten and the two year-old had scratch marks and a leg injury.

Jude Chinn, three, was rushed to hospital in Taunton after suffering stomach pains and vomiting, hours after happily speaking to his grandfather and uncle on the phone.

Maisy McAdam, 23, was exercising with her six-year-old dog Willow, a labrador-golden retriever cross who she relies on to navigate roads safely, in a Hampshire nature reserve last week.

PIERS MORGAN: Tom Brady the greatest athlete ever? Sorry America, but he doesn't make my

All hail King Tom Brady! The superstar quarter-back's record-breaking 7th Super Bowl victory yesterday means he's now won it more times than any NFL franchise, let alone any other player. And the fact he's done it again at the age of 43, after leaving the team that he'd been with for 20 glorious years, makes it all the more extraordinary and admirable. So perhaps it's little wonder that many are now calling Brady the 'Greatest Sportsman of All Time'. Don't get me wrong; he's a magnificent athlete with an extraordinary work ethic and will-to-win that places him in the very highest echelons of sporting achievement. But the G.O.A.T? No chance. As for the greatest when it comes to all male sportsmen in history, Brady doesn't even make my Top 10.

Series two of the Netflix hit is set to focus on the oldest Bridgerton sibling Anthony, however its author has said she'd like Daphne and the Duke of Hastings to appear and 'interfere' with his love life.

The Australian woman said she was? 'looking for ideas for my 35-year-old' in a lunchbox Facebook group typically used by school mums, before laughing?at how 'hopeless' her 'fussy' husband was.

Inside the Utopian 'Disneyland' for retirees that belies a sinister underbelly of racism,

'Some Kind of Heaven' is a new documentary that plunges into the surreal world of argyle socks, heavy drinking and Viagra-fueled promiscuity at the world's largest retirement community known as 'The Villages.' Located 70 miles north of Orlando, the sprawling 32-square-mile master planned mega-community is larger than the size of Manhattan and also the fastest growing city in America between 2010- 2019 (according to US Census data), with a current population of 130,000. The Villages were designed to be a self-contained paradise with 14 grocery stores, unlimited restaurants and its own hospital, fire department, utility company, TV channel, radio station and newspaper. It's been dubbed 'the Disnleyland for seniors' thanks to it's lifestyle that provides free unlimited golf at 50 different courses, 100 recreation centers, 89 swimming pools and 2,700 activity clubs that include everything from line dancing to synchronized swimming (bottom right), a thriving singles club with over 20,000 members (bottom left), a group for retired CIA agents and cheerleading (top right) which has a two year waitlist to join. Some critics say The Villages are a creepy Stepford cult for Baby Boomers with Orwellian rules that are dictated by an elusive family worth billions of dollars. 'Some Kind of Heaven' peels back the manicured veneer to find a dark undercurrent of loneliness, intolerance, and insularity coursing through the streets of 'America's friendliest hometown.'

Saad al-Jabri, a former top Saudi intelligence official, has filed new allegations in a court battle with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, accusing aides of trying to lure his daughter to the Istanbul consulate.

People share the funniest notes they have been left by strangers

Social media users from around the world shared snaps of hilarious examples online and the very best were compiled in a gallery by Noteabley. Pictured clockwise from top left: neighbors who were fed up of seeing more than they wanted; a flatmate fed up of dirty dishes at the fridge; a furious neighbor in the US; an office worker who just didn't buy into the Game Of Thrones hype; a husband who didn't appreciate their waiter's attentions; an American company with higher standards than Comic Sans.



'Creepy Joe is at it again': President is blasted after telling a nurse running a vaccine site that she 'looks like a freshman' during a video conference

President Biden, left, has been accused of attempting to flirt with nurse Brittney Hayes, right, during a video conference call in which he said that she 'looks like a freshman.' The exchange happened during a public video conference call with health care workers in Glendale, Arizona. 'Are you a freshman? You look like a freshman,' the president said to the nine-year health professional.

President Joe Biden has deployed four?Air Force B-1 bombers to Norway to express to Russia's Vladimir Putin that the U.S. will defend allies if Russia shows aggression in the Arctic.

Megyn Kelly criticizes LA Times columnist comparing Trump-supporting neighbors to Nazi

Virginia Heffernan, an author, podcast host and columnist, told of her struggle to thank her Trump-supporting neighbors for shoveling the snow from the driveway of her 'pandemic-getaway', in a column published on Friday which has sparked anger. Heffernan likened her neighbors to Nazi sympathizers, Hezbollah and followers of Louis Farrakhan, who all found ways to legitimize the 'kindness' of their leaders. 'Free driveway work, as nice as it is, is just not the same currency as justice and truth,' she wrote. Megyn Kelly and Tucker Carlson were among those to criticize Heffernan's 'mean spirited' article.

The proportion of first-time buyers spending more than £1million on their homes has doubled in the past year, as two per cent spent seven figures to get on the property ladder.

This £595k water tower is the most popular home for sale on Rightmove

The converted water tower is a three-bedroom home that is on the market for £595,000. It was the most viewed home for sale on property website Rightmove in January. The Grade II-listed tower dates back to 1853 and used to serve the market town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire. The conversion has seen the tower extended on the south and western sides, including curved glass windows in the living area on the ground floor and the bedroom on the floor above.

Woman who set her hair with Gorilla Glue wants to SUE the company after spending 22 hours

Tessica Brown, 40, from Violet, Louisiana, stunned?social media users last week when she opened up about her beauty conundrum in a viral TikTok. She explained that she sprayed Gorilla Glue on her hair after she ran out of G?t2b Glued Spray and hasn't been able to move it for a month. Sources told TMZ that she spent 22 hours in the ER, where they tried using acetone to remove the glue, but it only burned her scalp. The publication reported that she has hired an attorney and is looking into her legal options because she thinks the Gorilla Glue product's label is misleading. Gorilla Glue released a statement about the 'unique situation' on social media Monday, saying the label states: 'Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing.'

A project manager working on London's Nightingale hospital who went 'berserk' and killed his mother and stepfather has been found not guilty by reason of insanity.

New York lawyer Spencer Sheehan has filed more than 100 lawsuits against household names such as McDonald's and Dr Pepper over items from soda drinks and ice cream to milk.

A study from Birmingham and Warwick Universities has revealed family doctors gave out 4.5million prescriptions for erectile dysfunction in 2019 - an increase of 110 per cent from 2.1million in 2009

Paris Hilton breaks down while she testifies that she was abused as a teen

Paris Hilton, left and right, broke down as she testified about her 'traumatizing' abuse at the Provo Canyon School, inset, to the Utah Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee. She previously revealed allegations she was abused for 11 months at age 17 in the YouTube Originals documentary This Is Paris.

An RSPCA water rescue team saved the life of Farrah the mare in Amlwch, Anglesey, North Wales, after she became stuck up to her neck in a muddy bog trying to escape her field.

Patrick and Shauna McDonagh were killed when their car was driven the wrong way down the A40 dual carriageway near Acton in west London in February 2019, the hearing was told.

The Ministry of Justice will relax the requirement to hold parole hearings in private, in the biggest shake-up since parole boards were introduced more than 50 years ago.

Royal Navy launches hunt for SECOND female sailor selling X-rated video clips to fans

The Royal Navy are hunting for a second female sailor after she was caught sharing 'porn to order' videos to her fans on the adult website Only Fans. The woman (left and right), who goes by the name Izzy Bell, has continued to post selfies of herself despite the ongoing investigation. It comes after the Royal Navy lieutenant Claire Jenkins, 29, was caught making several X-rated films?inside the Faslane nuclear submarine HQ, HMNB Clyde, near Glasgow, with her seaman boyfriend Liam Doddington.

Founders Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, who set up Tesla in 2003, made the comments in an interview with CNBC that was released in full Monday. It was originally filmed in 2019.

Christie's auction house in New York City is conducting an online sale Tuesday that will showcase 75 stunning meteorites that contain star dust and Mars' atmosphere.

A new study shows that having testosterone jabs every three months could prevent diabetes type 2 from developing in at risk overweight men who also have low testosterone levels.

Russia will hold joint naval drills with Iran and China in the northern part of the Indian Ocean in mid-February, Moscow's ambassador to Tehran?Levan Dzhagaryan said on Monday.

Mother makes ultra-realistic Amazon parcel cake for her son's birthday?

Nina Evans Williams, 54, from Anglesey, Wales, treated her son to a special delivery for his birthday after she baked him a cake (pictured) that looked exactly like an Amazon cardboard box. sculpted the highly-detailed cake for her son Kane Evans' 24th birthday on February 2. Her son had been receiving weekly deliveries from the online retailer throughout lockdown and she used this as inspiration for the cake which her son thought was a 'boring parcel' at first. The cake itself is even sat on an intricately crafted "concrete porch" which is yet another layer of sponge cake.

A new drug, known as SPI-1005, could help improve age-related hearing loss. Preliminary studies have shown that it may also ease tinnitus and Meniere's disease, a neurological condition.

Henrik Evertsson, 33, used a drone camera to film the wreckage of the doomed ferry MS Estonia for a Discovery+ documentary entitled Estonia: the Find that Changes Everything.

Dietitian Susie Burrell has shared the five healthy workday lunches she swears by, and none of them cost over $5. You can easily spend between $15 and $20 a day if buying lunch from a cafe.

Climbing the off-grid property ladder with Brooke and Dave Whipple

We speak to a mother who achieved the mortgage-free dream by buying cheap land and building wood cabins on it with her husband. Brooke Whipple (pictured) and her husband Dave have flipped off-grid homes that they have built with their own hands, without any need to take on any debt.

Jenny Johnson,from Derbyshire, asks DR MARTIN SCURR: I've had shingles for six weeks. It's no longer contagious but is very painful. Is there anything that can reduce the nerve pain?'

Schitt's Creek mansion goes on sale for nearly $15 million

Deep-pocketed fans of Schitt's Creek should be on the lookout now that a mansion featured in the show's opening episode is on the market. The Toronto mansion that served as the original home of the Rose family is now up for sale for $14.98 million. The French Chateau-style mansion was first put on the market in 2018 for $21.788 million, but it has been periodically relisted with price dips.

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Roman soldier's payslip from 1,900 years ago reveals he was left BROKE after military

A payslip made from a sheet of papyrus shows a Roman soldier was left broke after the military took out fees for certain items. Experts believe the man fought in the Siege of Masada 1,900 years ago. The document was made out to a Gaius Messius, who received 50 denarri as his stipend, but fees for barley money, food and military equipment were taken out that totaled to the amount of his full pay. The Siege of Masada was one of the final battles of the First Jewish-Roman War from 66AD to 73AD.

A video captured the moment a truck flew off a ramp and plunged 70 feet onto a Wisconsin interstate. The driver lost control of a pickup truck on an elevated ramp and skidded over the barrier.

Taking to TikTok, British user brooklynbridge03 explained that her phone had alerted her to an intruder, but when she checked it was a harmless mistake.

PAUL THOMAS on... vaccinating migrants

'There may be a vaccine amnesty for illegal migrants - but you still have to queue'

The jaw-dropping winners of the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2021 awards

They show just how awe-inspiring Mother Nature can be in aquatic mode - and how fragile she is. And they also underscore the sheer skill and determination of the world's finest underwater snappers, who brave underwater caves and shark-infested reefs to bring us unforgettable pictures, some of which took years to plan. The judges said: 'We hope that this year's stunning collection of winning images provides a welcome escape to everyone who enjoys them and a chance to reconnect with the underwater world.'


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Stunning 'ice volcano' that stands 45 feet tall forms in Kazakhstan from underground springs that spout water which freezes almost instantly upon meeting the freezing air?

A stunning 45-foot tall 'ice volcano' formed over a spring in Kazakhstan's Almaty region this winter. The spring is spouting water that freezes and builds upon the cone structure. A smaller ice volcano had formed in the area last year, but locals say the latest one is the first to continuously spray water particles from the top opening that looks like the smoke spewed from a lava-filled volcano.

CRAIG BROWN: In rural areas, vegetables have a habit of hogging the headlines. If you are a celebrity, it's easy to make the local news.

The secret to streak-free cleaning is in your bathroom cabinet: Mum-of-two reveals her simple trick for keeping appliances and surfaces shiny for longer?

A mum-of-two has revealed how to get streak-free kitchen appliances with the help of shaving foam, and how it will keep your stainless steel oven and mirrors clean for days at a time (pictured before and after). Chantel Mila, from Melbourne, is known for sharing handy household tips and tricks, and has built up an impressive following of nearly 210,000 people on TikTok. In her latest clip, Chantel shows how bathroom shaving foam can quickly and easily remove any stains or fingerprints.



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